Hi! My name is Christian and I’m glad you’re here.

That shirtless kid holding the camera up there, that’s me back in the 80s. The picture was taken in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a small island called Mahé. I spent most of my early childhood in the Seychelles but today, Montreal is where I call home.

I still remember my first overseas trip when I was about 6 or 7. Mom took me to Singapore to visit my cousin and from then on, traveling has always been part of my life. I started documenting my travels through photography in 2002 when I bought my first digital camera for a trip to the Philippines.

Our minds easily forget or distort realities and this is my way of remembering those adventures, places, people and memories abroad.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

See you somewhere out there.


Christian is a Montreal based traveler and hobbyist photographer. He has a regular 9 to 5 job but will use his passport whenever he can. His photos are nothing to write home about but he likes to share them nonetheless. Talk to him about all things Japan. English is not his strong point so please let him know if you spot any mistakes.

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