Pashupatinath is a sacred Hindu site located on the banks of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu. Here, you can witness the sacred Hindu rituals of the burning of the dead.

By the time I visited Pashupatinath for the first time, I had been in Nepal for a few days. I was still coughing from whatever virus I contracted three or four weeks prior. It was quite painful. On this particular day, there were several bodies being burned. The smoke filled the air around the whole temple complex and sent me into a coughing fit.

There was no escaping this cough and my lungs were burning. As I made my way around the temple grounds, I found myself under this immense tree and for some reason, my my cough ceased. I’m not quite sure why but I took advantage of this and gave my lungs a break by staying there for a while.

This tree brought me some much needed relief and also provided some good opportunities to do some people watching and get some shots.


Christian is a Montreal based traveler and hobbyist photographer. He has a regular 9 to 5 job but will use his passport whenever he can. His photos are nothing to write home about but he likes to share them nonetheless. Talk to him about all things Japan. English is not his strong point so please let him know if you spot any mistakes.

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