Show time

Having worked for an airline company for quite some time, I’ve done my fair share of all-inclusive trips ”down South”. As we all know, all the hotels from these types of trips will offer their guests some type of entertainment at the end of the evening.

Depending on your location and your hotel, the entertainment shows can be very low budget or very well planned out and executed with elaborate decors and settings. This one was from a Palladium hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

So far, this was the best one of these shows that I’ve ever experienced. The performers were all professionals, the costumes were some of the best and the show itself was quite entertaining.


I spent my childhood in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an island called Mahé. Today, Montreal is where I call home. I'm a hobbyist photographer who likes to document my travels. I hope this helps inspire your next adventure.

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