Top of the morning

I find sunrises to be the most memorable times of the day. It stays in the mind even longer when you happen to witness it above Cape Town in South Africa.

This one is still quite vivid in my head as I can still feel the pain of waking up at three in the morning and hiking my way up Lion’s Head before those first rays of light. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Sunset is called the golden hour. On the other side, we have the blue hour during sunrise.

When the sun pops up above the horizon, it resembles a distant explosion.

Enjoying the early morning light above Cape Town with locals and tourists alike.


I spent my childhood in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an island called Mahé. Today, Montreal is where I call home. I'm a hobbyist photographer who likes to document my travels. I hope this helps inspire your next adventure.

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