By the sea

I was in the Seychelles with family. We had been invited for festivities somewhere on the Western side of Mahé island. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As people enjoyed their food and drinks, I wandered off in search of majestic landscapes and sceneries. I arrived at a secluded little beach and started shooting away. Shortly after, a local man emerged from behind an immense rock. I had not seen him upon arrival. I was unsure of his intentions as he seemed agitated. He made me follow him a bit further and pointed at something between the rocks. I then understood why he was excited.

There, before our eyes, a sea turtle was laying its eggs. As I stood there taking photos, the man went back behind his rock. The turtle did its thing and slowly made its way back into the sea. Before leaving, I thanked the man. He gave me the thumbs up and went back to sleep.


I spent my childhood in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an island called Mahé. Today, Montreal is where I call home. I'm a hobbyist photographer who likes to document my travels. I hope this helps inspire your next adventure.

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