I had no intentions of going to Portugal. Last minute decisions and circumstances however changed that and Lisbon turned out to be one of my favourite European city thus far. The only research done for this trip was concerning the…


There’s something about walking down an old cobblestone road admiring European architecture, getting lost and discovering a little corner restaurant that serves the best pasta you’ve ever had in your life and listening to distant conversations taking place in Italian.…


Four days in Paris. There are worse ways of celebrating New Year’s. It was Stephanie’s first time in the City of Lights and she loved it. A lengthier stay is definitely on the to-do list.


On my way to South Africa, I had a layover in Istanbul and got to spend a few hours exploring the area around the spice bazaar. It was my first time in Turkey and I was pleasantly surprised by how…


If you’re ever in Nice, do yourself a favour and schedule yourself a day in Monaco. The bus ride alone will be worth it. You could take the train but it will only save you maybe 15 minutes compared to…


Paris. There’s no need for fancy detailed explanation on why this city is one of the most visited in the entire world. History, architecture, fashion, literature, art, cuisine… you name it, Paris has it.

Vatican City

A visit to Rome is probably not complete without a visit to the Vatican City. The city-state is the headquarters for the Catholic Church but you do not have to be a religious person to enjoy the beauty, the history…