It’s that long weekend getaway to the country house. No plans. No alarms. No emails. No Netflix. No stress. It feels good to disconnect from our daily realities sometimes.


Twenty twenty has has not been a particularly good year for the world in general. Due to COVID-19, most Canadians have not been doing much traveling since March. Since we cannot really leave the country, most of us have used…


Most of us find ourselves living fast-paced lives. Everything needs to happen now, real-time, instantaneously. Emails need to be sent and received now. Food has to be prepared quickly and ingested before it gets cold. The computer needs to compute…

Photo tips

This photo tip is mostly geared towards trips in urban areas as opposed to nature type adventures. I understand that after a long day of wandering around a new city seeing and doing as much as we can, some times…


Four days in Paris. There are worse ways of celebrating New Year’s. It was Stephanie’s first time in the City of Lights and she loved it. A lengthier stay is definitely on the to-do list.