Travel talk

Needless to say, there have been no memories made abroad in 2020. Things being the way they are, this year’s memories have all be created right here in Canada. Here’s to a year we’d like to forget… but never will.…


It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s Christmas time but it’s also Covid times. This is a glimpse of Old Montreal and its Chinatown right before the 2020 holidays. Restaurants and bars are obviously closed for dine-in but there was still a…


It’s that long weekend getaway to the country house. No plans. No alarms. No emails. No Netflix. No stress. It feels good to disconnect from our daily realities sometimes.


Twenty twenty has has not been a particularly good year for the world in general. Due to COVID-19, most Canadians have not been doing much traveling since March. Since we cannot really leave the country, most of us have used…